Alumni Relations

Once in idea, always in IDEA”. Alumni startups are an integral part of the #IDEAfamily.

Recognizing the invaluable role our alumni play in shaping the landscape, entrepreneurs building businesses through IDEA often rely on the rich expertise of our alumni network. This collaborative exchange of knowledge fosters an environment where innovation thrives, and the journey from concept to reality becomes more seamless.

We maintain robust relationships with our alumni, taking pride in their attendance at our events and their connections with new teams. Beyond shared memories of their time at IDEA, alumni continue to be a driving force in our #IDEAcommunity's growth. Selected alumni startups, demonstrating exceptional performance and a commitment to fostering a sharing culture, have the opportunity to remain as resident teams in IDEA. This not only adds significant value to our #IDEAcommunity, but also creates a bridge between experienced entrepreneurs and those just embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

The collaboration extends beyond alumni retention. Many teams involved in IDEA discover ways to support each other, resulting in unique partnerships and collaborations that give rise to new ideas and ventures. This is a testament to the strength of our alumni network and the supportive ecosystem cultivated at IDEA. It's not just about learning from past successes or failures; it's about the continuous exchange of insights that propels both seasoned and budding entrepreneurs forward.

So, why do we nurture so much in our alumni engagement? Because it's not about a one-time connection; it's about building a community that thrives on shared experiences, mutual growth, and the collective pursuit of innovation. As alumni continue to guide and inspire, they contribute to the ongoing success stories that make #IDEA a dynamic hub for entrepreneurship.