Our Training

During the Accelerator Stage begins an intensive 3-month period focused on comprehensive Business-Creation Training. The curriculum is designed on international standards, tailored to meet the needs of startups. It is reviewed annually to reflect current trends, providing startups with essential skills and knowledge necessary to fortify the foundational aspects of their business.

Startups participate in a series of focused sessions crafted to sharpen their entrepreneurial acumen, refine business strategies, and furnish them with the tools necessary for effective execution. Emphasis is placed on fostering a dynamic learning environment, allowing startups to acquire practical insights, enhance problem-solving abilities, and refine approaches to meet evolving market demands.

These training sessions, held 2-3 times per week in the mornings, form a crucial part of this intense learning experience. Attendance and active participation are fundamental components evaluated for startups, providing founders with continual feedback and shaping their overall progress.

The Accelerator Stage and its training act as a launching pad, laying the groundwork for subsequent stages in their journey towards creating a viable and scalable business model. It sets the stage for startups to fortify their foundation and embrace the challenges of growth with preparedness and agility.