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IDEA Innovation Center was founded in 2015 by the Bank of Cyprus and other prestigious Partners, as an incubator-accelerator for startups and an entrepreneurship hub.

Today IDEA is the largest non-profit, comprehensive innovation center in Cyprus, a business incubator which forms a cluster of more than 120 private and public partnerships, supports innovative startups and Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and promotes a culture of change and digital transformation.

It offers highest quality of training and services, so as to turn innovative ideas into viable businesses with a global outlook – from idea-stage, to revenues and investment-readiness.

IDEA has supported to-date the establishment of 89 startups with over 200 entrepreneurs, helped to create more than 100 new job positions, trained more than 5000 entrepreneurs and invested more than €4m in the Cyprus innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem. Most importantly, IDEA has achieved perhaps 2 of the most significant recognitions in Cyprus – one of our startups has been accepted to Y Combinator and has already secured significant investment from a US fund, while s second one, raised €600.000 through a crowdfunding platform, the greatest success to-date for a Cypriot startup. At the same time, several other of our startups have attracted investment capital and business partnerships from Cyprus and abroad, have established their own offices and/or employ staff of their own.



IDEA Innovation Center promotes innovative entrepreneurship and, while giving great emphasis on the entire spectrum and peripheral activities that support innovation in general, it is proudly a strong part of the work that promotes innovation on the national level.

We do everything within our power to ease entrepreneurs’ access to the business world and enhance the diversity and durability of the Cypriot economy by bringing innovative products and services to life.



IDEA’s impact is making everyone who asks for our support, believe in themselves. Given all the support we offer to each team, we give great emphasis to making them believe that the major success factor is themselves: Their passion, their determination, their hard work, their commitment, their willingness to give and take, their aspirations and perseverance.



Since its establishment, IDEA Innovation Centre has developed into the largest, non-profit, comprehensive organisation supporting entrepreneurial innovation in Cyprus. Our role as such has been recognised by a range of awards and accolades we were granted.