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Our Training

During the accelerator phase we offer all the essential classes and workshops to prepare our startups on how to correctly place a strong foundation to increase their chances for success. Training sessions usually take place in the afternoon 2-3 times per week . Teams are  assessed based on their attendance and workshop progress, which together form their passing rate. This is very helpful for the team, as founders get continuous feedback on their progress.

Our start-up founders come from various backgrounds, therefore we offer a complete range of business creation training during the accelerator phase.

The curriculum is set up based on international standards.

During our training our entrepreneurs are exposed to various critical classes for the formation of their startups which include  the following:

Business Model Canvas Evolution

Digital Marketing Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Market Research


Business Plan Formation

Financials & Projections

Agile Project Management

Presentation and Pitching Skills

Team Building

Marketing and Branding

Product Development and Metrics

Basic Accounting

ICT Developers

Computerized accounting

Scaling up

Business Ethics

Strategy and Product Launch

Cyber Security

EU Grants for SMEs

IP Rights

Raising Funds

Communication Strategy

Business Model / Revenue Model