Victor Efthimiades

Executive Director,

As Executive Director, Victor Efthimiades leads strategy formulation and international business development.

Victor has a 30-year tenure in strategic marketing, business development and enterprise software engineering, of which 20 years in Axiom’s leadership position, where he has delivered consistent growth and profitability.  Victor’s professional skills cover a wide range of management, marketing and information technology practices, from the design of the general company strategy, to strategic marketing plans, to sophisticated loyalty business models for industry verticals, including retail, banking and travel.  Victor has put particular emphasis on strategic business intelligence and customer loyalty management for large organizations, with an impressive portfolio of successful international engagements at leading banking institutions and retailers.

Prior to joining Axiom Consulting, Victor worked in engineering and account management positions at IBM Corporation, where he designed and led the implementation of multiple large scale projects, including the development of the country’s first and largest customer loyalty projects.

Victor holds a Masters degree in Computers & Software Engineering from the National Metsovio Technical University of Athens and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Sheffield.  He is also the recipient of numerous professional certifications, including one from IBM’s Advanced Marketing Institute.

Victor directs Axiom’s international business development out of the company’s headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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