Dr. Stelios Komis

Risk Research Training and Development Manager
Bank of Cyprus

Stelios currently is the Risk Research Training and Development Manager at the Risk Management Division of the Bank of Cyprus.

Stelios joined Bank of Cyprus in early 1996 from The Buckinghamshire New University (U.K) where he worked as a lecturer in Accounting and Finance. He has taught Corporate Finance, Financial Modelling, Financial Accounting, Business Policy, Corporate Reporting and Research Methods. He was responsible for co-ordinating the undergraduate dissertation tutorship for the following courses: BA (Hons) in European Business Studies, BA (Hons) in International Business Studies and BA (Hons) in Business Administration. He was also part of a team that was responsible for improving links with industry and this involved seminar presentations to companies and professional institutes and as one of the six active researchers of the business school he had a consultative role with local companies.

Stelios over the last 25 years worked in various capacities at the Bank of Cyprus in the Risk Management Division. For a number of years he was responsible for the development and effective implementation of the Credit Rating Systems of the Bank. In this role, he provided training for these systems to all the users of the Bank and monitored the financial databank of the Bank by analysing the Bank’s portfolio both at an industry level as well as at regional level and provided results and recommendations to the Executive Management of the Bank.

As a representative of the Bank of Cyprus he has been attending the meetings of the Moody’s Risk Advisor Advisory Group (MRAAG) for a number of years during which he has made presentations on several topics to the group. He was a well respected member of the group and has consistently made significant contribution to its work.

Stelios has actively participated in a joint project with Moody’s/ KMV to develop an internal rating model to address Middle Market and an internal rating model to address Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

Stelios holds a B.A (Hons) in Accounting and Finance from Philips College (Cyprus) as well as a M.Sc. in Business Finance and a Ph.D in Finance from Brunel University (U.K.).