Michael Tyrimos

Melior Capital

Michael is the Chief Strategy Officer of Digital Tree (group of companies) and CEO of Melior Capital, the technology company behind platforms such as ergodotisi.com. He is also the creator of Trophies, a global platform for video games exchange, and co-founder of the non-profit organizations Cypriot Enterprise Link and Hack Cyprus.

He is a graduate of King’s College London, Cambridge and Oxford universities. In the past he was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK, the Associateship of King’s College London and the O1 visa for extraordinary abilities by the US Government. To add, the Department of State selected him to become a mentor at TechCamp – the US government’s series of technology and skill events across the globe.

Michael specializes in the areas of business operations, predominantly in restructuring companies under operational distress, technology strategy, and product management. He sporadically invests in seed-level startups that are built on marketplace models, loves cars and sometimes develops video games in his free time.

LinkedIn profile: https://cy.linkedin.com/in/michaeltyrimos