Heraclis Heracleous

Manager SME Banking Operations

Heraclis Heracleous holds the position of Manager SME Banking Operations in the Consumer and SME Banking Division- Bank of Cyprus since April 2014. European Relations & Products Department and IDEA & Other Innovation Projects are also under his responsibility.

He joined the Bank in December 1983 and held various important positions. His career has been mostly within the Credit Risk sector starting as a Credit Officer. He served as the Senior Credit Risk Manager, Nicosia Regional Credit Risk Sanctioning Manager, Manager Credit Risk Sanctioning, Advances Manager and Senior Credit Officer.  He also served as the Senior Corporate Manager and Nicosia Regional Corporate Manager.

He is a Member of the Board of Directors of IDEA.

Heraclis holds a BA(Hons) in Economics from the University of Essex and an MSc in Economics from the University of London (London School of Economics).