Dr. Simona Mihai Yiannaki

Deputy Dean of the School of Business Administration
European University Cyprus

Dr. Simona Mihai Yiannaki, has initiated the EUC-PEAK Innovation Center, being the Director.
She is a Deputy Dean of the School of Business Administration and Associate Professor in Finance at European University Cyprus since 2017.
In addition, Dr. Mihai has also been active in Erasmus+ Life learning projects, coordinating and administrating projects such as: ‘Cross Cultural Management CCMIP’, Grundtvig project ‘Feeling Younger by Getting older’, the CCMIP, ‘European Recovery Leadership- Striving Forward’-ErasmusIP, SHADOWS, GETUP, SCIENT and ICTEntrepreneur all from Erasmus+ KA2 projects.
Dr. Mihai was a Fulbright finalist and has been an evaluator of World Bank HEIR projects, for Israel Ministry of Science, Technology and Space of Israel and the Executive Government Agency of National Science Centre Poland.
Dr. Mihai has been active in upgrading and innovating teaching at university level through innovative approaches to teaching, being part of the Cyprus Research Foundation project ‘Teaching for Creativity in Cypriot Universities: Towards innovative pedagogical practices in Promoting Students’ Employability’.
Her inspiration lies in her networking skills and she has been awarded a distinction in entrepreneurship during her MBA in Oxford Brookes University in 2005.
Her academic research areas are Banking and Financial Services Innovation, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Risk Management applications for banks and SMEs, Creativity and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Distance Learning in higher education.
She was involved as guest speaker and trainer in conferences in Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Lithuania, Norway, U.K. and Romania on topics about banking, finance, entrepreneurship, risk management, public finance, creativity and change management.

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonamy/