The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center of the Bank of Cyprus

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center encompasses the following institutions:

  • IDEA Innovation Center an incubator-accelerator for startups and an entrepreneurship hub for Cypriot young entrepreneurs.
  • Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation that promotes Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Arts & Culture sector
  • Business Academy that promotes funding mechanisms, commercialization activities, consultation and EU programs
  • ARIS, that acts like a co-working space in Limassol and facilitates mentoring and EU programs.

IDEA Innovation Center

IDEA Innovation Center was founded in 2015 as an incubator-accelerator for startups and an entrepreneurship hub for Cypriot young entrepreneurs.

Today IDEA is the largest, non-profit, comprehensive organization in Cyprus which forms a cluster of private and public partnerships to support startups and innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

It hosts startup companies offering them the highest quality of training and services, so as to turn their innovative ideas into viable businesses with a global outlook. Specifically, it provides aspiring entrepreneurs all the tools to gradually turn their idea into a profitable business.

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Since its establishment in 1984, the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation has developed a wealth of activities. Currently, the Bank and its group of companies are clearly the most visible sponsors of cultural and scholarly pursuits on Cyprus. The Foundation’s main strategic aims are to encourage the research and study of Cypriot civilization in the fields of archaeology, history, art and literature as well as to preserve and disseminate the cultural and natural heritage of Cyprus, with a particular emphasis on the international promotion of the island’s centuries-long Greek civilization.

Business Academy

We have identified the need to create an academy for the financial well-being of Bank of Cyprus’s customers. Therefore, BA immerges in difficult times and its role is to offer interactive activities such as workshops, lectures, trainings and events promoting Business literacy, Financial literacy, Digital transformation, Customer innovation, Extroversion in foreign markets, Funding mechanisms, Commercialization – matching and Consultation.


ARIS is a home for innovation in the heart of Limassol and provides the space, support, inspiration and community needed for a strong and vibrant innovation culture. It’s a space that has been specifically designed to assist startups transform innovative ideas into successful business ventures.

ARIS is a startup accelerator, founded by Deloitte and the Bank of Cyprus with the sole purpose of offering entrepreneurs with the structure, mentorship and network needed to launch successful business ventures. The acceleration program has been designed and is being curated by Deloitte’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre.