Our story

IDEA is the only non-profit, comprehensive innovation centre in Cyprus that implements the entire cluster of activities and develops the entrepreneurial skills & mindset of our country’s youth.

It hosts start-up companies offering them the highest quality of training and services, so as to turn their innovative ideas into viable businesses with a global outlook. In the 4 years of our life, we have hosted 48 start-ups with over 100 entrepreneurs.

Specifically, it provides aspiring entrepreneurs all the tools to gradually turn their idea into a profitable business:

  • It offers the entire spectrum of business support: From the Idea-stage to Sales & Investment and then to expansion abroad
  • It creates new SME companies every year & new job positions
  • It educates teenagers, students, youth and strongly fosters female entrepreneurship
  • It promotes Cyprus abroad, strengthens the European innovation bond and elevates the country higher on the international innovation map
  • It implements the cooperation between the Public – Private Sector, as a Government Partner
  • It creates an investment stream for young entrepreneurs through an internal angel investor network
  • It promotes the culture of ‘sharing, ‘giving back’ to the society and volunteering, by addressing the noble feelings of successful Cypriot businesspersons and engaging organisations
  • It practices social inclusion by opening doors to entrepreneurs with special needs, parents of very young children or persons with mobility problems

Within all the support we offer, we emphasize that the major success factor for entrepreneurs is themselves: their passion, their determination, their sense of urgency, their hard work, their commitment, their willingness to give and take, their aspirations and perseverance.

IDEA is the 2018 National Winner under the “Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit” category at the “European Enterprise Promotion Awards”. This accolade comes as recognition of our hard work these past 4 years and gives us courage to keep striving for further success by giving our best to expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem on the island and elevate Cyprus higher on the international innovation map.

Give, take and share are integral parts of the IDEA culture.

IDEA is financially backed by the Bank of Cyprus. It was founded by the Bank of Cyprus and Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). Very importantly, it enjoys the valuable support of its strong partners: Cyprus Telecommunications Authority – CYTA, Innovation-Leo Burnett, Lellos P. Demetriades and Deloitte Cyprus.

We love what we do, and we aspire to create investible startups and change the Cypriot culture towards entrepreneurship, elevating Cyprus higher on the innovation map. We would like to see Cyprus becoming the bridge between the innovation hubs of Europe and Asia.

Our greater vision is to constitute Cyprus as a regional innovation hub.