Our Impact – KPIs

We nurture ideas to turn intο businesses. We inspire youth to believe into themselves. We urge them to employ their undoubted capabilities into the entrepreneurial journey. And we succeed together.

Given the multifaceted support we offer to each startup, we give great emphasis to making them believe that the major success factor is themselves: Their passion, their determination, their hard work, their commitment, their willingness to give and take, their aspirations and perseverance.

Furthermore, we encourage each of our teams to gradually give back to the ecosystem, thus enhancing the interest of new startups and the Cypriot economy as a whole. By providing the wide spectrum of activities that support innovation and entrepreneurship, IDEA is proudly a strong part of the lobby that promotes innovation at a national level.

Over 620 applications

74 Startups Entered IDEA

25 Different Countries

160+ Entrepreneurs

47 Awards granted to our startups at National and International Competitions

€7,2 Million startup Portfolio Valuation

60+ Mentors

25 Different Industries

40+ Trainers