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Our Network

IDEA maintains strong alliances with the Cypriot, Israeli, Greek, UK, USA and other innovation ecosystems. It organises frequent exchange visits and imports expertise from abroad for the benefit of the local innovation community. We aspire to constitute IDEA as the point of reference regarding startups in Cyprus. We often welcome guests from the diplomatic world and governmental bodies who are interested in promoting entrepreneurship and offer their assistance in kind. During these VIP visits at IDEA, teams’ presence is necessary.

Networking is one of the main functions for any entrepreneur as it provides the playground to meet and connect with future strategic partners, co-founders, employees, clients and investors.

Not confining ourselves in the network of our country, we maintain close contacts and import  expertise from successful international ecosystems so as to help our startups connect globally.

We love what we do and we aspire to create investible startups and change the Cypriot culture towards entrepreneurship, elevating Cyprus higher on the innovation map. We would like to see Cyprus become the bridge between the innovation hubs of Europe and Asia.