IDEA aspires to boost the entrepreneurial spirit and put Cyprus higher on the map of the international innovation ecosystem. Through promoting entrepreneurial activities and supporting the establishment and growth of startup companies, it contributes to job creation for youth and facilitates their transformation into innovative, international and sustainable businesses.

While giving great emphasis on the entire spectrum and peripheral activities that support innovation in general, IDEA is proudly a strong part of the work that promotes innovation on the national level.

IDEA has

9 strategic pillars:


To offer the entire spectrum of business support to entrepreneurs from idea-stage to the stage of sales & investment and to the stage of scaling up and expanding abroad


To change the nation’s mindset & culture more towards innovation and entrepreneurship, by educating teenagers, students, youth, female entrepreneurs and all interested stakeholders


To promote Cyprus abroad by strengthening our innovation bond with Europe and the neighbouring innovative nations. To elevate the country higher on the international innovation map and constitute Cyprus as a regional innovation hub, a bridge between Asia and Europe


To propel a culture of “giving back” to the society, “sharing” and “volunteering”, by addressing the noble feelings of successful Cypriot businesspersons and aspirations of esteemed organisations


To create new innovative SME companies and new job positions every year. To advocate and practice social inclusion by offering opportunities to persons with disabilities and parents of young children


To be a key Government Partner: Materialise the direct cooperation between the Public & Private sector on entrepreneurship and innovation. To influence policies, legislation and regulations in favour of startups to benefit the entire innovation ecosystem


To create an investment culture by undertaking the initial investment risk, by trusting aspiring entrepreneurs at their early stages of development. To educate investors and create an internal angel investor network


To facilitate Financial Technology solutions and to promote Digital Transformation through its direct partnership with Bank of Cyprus


To promote Intrapreneuship