The go-to place for anyone looking for a new hobby. An inspiration hub that motivates people to try new activities and find their passion. Offering the easiest and fastest way to discover activities near you and even buy them online. Visit website
AbleBook is about empathy , kindness , hospitality and respect in all social layers of our modern, rich in spirituality but less wealthy in love, society. Mostly considered in the minor layers and the one’s in need. Visit website
Atokes is a new innovative buying experience, where you can browse through our online marketplace, buy and pay for your purchases in equal, interest-free instalments.With atokes. you can afford anything. Visit Website
A WiFi cloud management solution, through a software that can be connected with any existing WiFi infrastructure in order to: improve WiFi quality, enhance security and transform it into a proximity marketing tool that, bridges the gap between company and customers, and drives higher sales. Visit Website
A mobile application for the fascinating market of musical instruments. This is the first of its kind app! We will provide unique services and organize the databases of antique and modern instruments and in addition, will give them access to an exclusive and secure market where they can sell or buy their next instrument. Visit Website
Slim Payments is a team of developers aiming to develop an alternative payment gateway portal for payments with the ease of use  for the merchant as the primary guideline. We are also developing customized solutions focused on the needs of each client individually. Visit Website
Producing VR travel videos. They provide a way for tourist destinations and travel businesses to connect to their customers and market their products and services. Visit Website
A platform for creators and their followers that provides a quality-centric system for searching and discovering content. It offers equal exposure to all creators and their work, regardless of their popularity, and alternative ways for creators to earn revenue.
PatEarnfy is a smart App which helps Fresh Product enterprises like fruit markets, restaurants hotels etc. “Dump Less/Sell Best”. This leads to reducing loses increasing profits creating win-win situations.
ForPeople is specializing in the creation of affordable devices that help people with disabilities so they can have easier  lifestyles and be more independent.
Seantyxis aims to revolutionize money transfers by taking advantage of what blockchain technology has to offer while still focusing on scale. We seek to become a one-stop store for all financial transactions, business or personal, while using technology to reduce the number of counterparties, thus lowering the cost of banking for the end consumer. Adopting blockchain technology will also allow us to offer new and unique solutions to our customers.
Farming insects to produce animal based protein that is not harmful to the environment like traditional animal farms.
Application that helps users find sunbeds available on the beach.
EDI-VR aims to bring about a digital and cultural transformation in organizations. Our Virtual Reality training will allow you to see through the eyes of another, thus effectively and efficiently driving behavioral change within your teams.
Loyalty scheme offered by various brands in order to reward customers or their friends for purchasing the same product multiple times.