Recorn is the conversation intelligence platform (SaaS) that helps save valuable information from voice conversations (phone calls, skype, zoom and other sources), convert it to text, extract the most important information using AI and save it to CRM or database. It is designed to help employees communicate with clients more efficiently, stay focused on conversation, and increase customers satisfaction. Visit website

Renewable Z is a cleantech startup. The goal is to design, manufacture, install, and service next-generation wind turbines across the globe. Company’s first product is the Hybrid-Tower, a system that offers a combination of wind energy generation and a hydro-storage solution. Visit website
Logistaras mission is to help self-employed persons manage their accounting needs and obligations to authorities such as VAT and income tax. Visit website
Picado is an AI platform for supporting food and beverage consumers in managing their dine-out experiences end to end as well as vendors in managing their operations and resources efficiently. Visit website
Bird Focus aims to build a bridge with Cyprus visitors and locals to the interesting biodiversity of the island. Bird Focus provides a variety of products and services, including nest boxes and nest cameras for birds and rental of photography hides. Visit website