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Insavior (Instant Savior) is an innovative app made by women, for women. Our aim is the safety and protection of every woman during crisis or emergency.  With Insavior you can both help or get helped and the main moto of Insavior is “women stronger safer together”.
DeSigN Inspiration Group is a technology-driven architectural design platform that automates the design process using Al technology. Our platform saves architects time by considering customer preferences and inviting partner engineers to collaborate on the dashboard. Bring your client’s vision to life faster with Design Inspiration Group.
Hello Radius is an AI-driven search and discovery platform making finding jobs and candidates easier. Focused on innovating the search experience, we connect people to opportunities quickly around their ideal work location, delivering relevant results to provide better value job advertising.
Freyia Labs is a food and beverage manufacturing company committed to providing healthy and sustainable alternatives to the current food system. Our vertically integrated agribusiness approach allows us to control every aspect of the production process, from seed to harvest to the final product. Using traditional philosophy, cutting-edge fermentation methods harnesses the power of bacteria, yeast, and fungi to create delicious, nutritious, and environmentally responsible food and beverage options.
Park in Town tackle city centre mobility issues via a Smart Parking app and management platform, which aims to address negative driver experiences, traffic congestion, and economic activity. Our solution aims to manage all private parking in a city, creating a unique opportunity in the market. It benefits thousands of affected drivers and professionals and generates profit while having a social and environmental impact.