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ideation.AI creates smart solutions for the everyday challenges faced in healthcare. Making life easier for clinicians and better for patients. Visit website

Verum is an innovative environmental technology start-up that integrates and streamlines the entire monitoring, reporting, and verification processes to provide greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) accounting and verification. Visit website

MedicalHub is a health-tech startup creating the smart pharmacy of the future. It simplifies interaction with GESY, and beyond, by automating existing processes and easing their workload in a user-friendly and easy to deal with way.  Visit website

LuvMyself is a therapy marketplace that provides holistic support to individuals of all ages, couples and families and helps them to prosper in life by including a wide range of therapists and nutritionists. Visit website
How about a virtual tour in the metaverse? Premno offers the opportunity to follow wine trails and the experience of wineries, vinegars, archaeological sites, history, folklore, myths and legends of each trail, based on the wine as a cultural good. Visit website
Humeral is a medical solution combining machine-learning and motion sensors, that enables specialists to diagnose early and accurately human movement disorders and precisely assess the status of rehabilitation. Visit website