Malloc is a software-based startup located in Cyprus that provides real time solutions for individuals and businesses worldwide in data and privacy protection of mobile phones. Visit website
Errand Pro is an innovative digital B2B Marketplace that connects HORECA (HOtel-REstaurant-CAfé) Businesses and Food & Beverages Professionals with their Suppliers. Errand Pro Cloud Platform is a mobile based solution that allows the buyers and sellers of the HORECA industry to enjoy the benefits of mobile shopping and minimize costs, as well as the time needed for placing and receiving daily orders. Visit website
Visual Space is an independent curatorial platform that aims to promote contemporary artists primarily through online exhibitions. Visit website
“Evglot is a third-person, 3D game with an interactive mystery plot with which you will learn a language by progressing through the storyline and daily tasks similar to real life. Evglot aims to solve the no. 1 problem faced by competing apps which is …. engagement” Visit website
Rentirium is an online renting marketplace. In our renting hub you can find anything from heavy machinery to sports equipment  from various merchants. People can also have an extra income by renting their items in our marketplace. Rentirium is For everyone, By anyone. Visit website
Apopou is a cashback website that combines coupons discounts shipping information and reviews from 100’s of stores. It is one stop information portal for anyone who wants to buy a product or a service at a discount. Visit Website
Estate Searcher is a portal created in order to provide a unified database of online listings, for the Cyprus real estate market, with the aim of making the process of finding an ideal property a more fast and efficient. Visit website
AbleBook, is an online platform that provides all the necessary information and services so that both locals and tourists can live the city to the fullest. The platform focuses on people with disabilities and vulnerable groups, listing the opportunities that emerge around the city and suggesting the path to benefit from those opportunities. Visit website
Atokes is a new innovative buying experience, where you can browse through our online marketplace, buy and pay for your purchases in equal, interest-free instalments.With atokes. you can afford anything. Visit Website
The go-to place for anyone looking for a new hobby. An inspiration hub that motivates people to try new activities and find their passion. Offering the easiest and fastest way to discover activities near you and even buy them online. Visit website
ForPeople is specializing in the creation of affordable devices that help people with disabilities so they can have easier  lifestyles and be more independent. Visit their page
Slim Payments is a team of developers aiming to develop an alternative payment gateway portal for payments with the ease of use  for the merchant as the primary guideline. We are also developing customized solutions focused on the needs of each client individually. Visit Website
A WiFi cloud management solution, through a software that can be connected with any existing WiFi infrastructure in order to: improve WiFi quality, enhance security and transform it into a proximity marketing tool that, bridges the gap between company and customers, and drives higher sales. Visit Website
A board game that will allow people to learn through entertainment. Strategy game that its main subject is Marxist-Gramscian theory/ class relations. Visit website
Heroes Made is a SaaS platform that allows professionals working with children ages 6-10 years old to teach and reinforce Social Emotional. Using an innovative technology platform that delivers the infrastructure for professionals, children and parents, to connect customization and personalization with specialized content for effective immersive teaching. Visit website
Aiming to design, develop, optimize, validate and support a commercial multiphysics software (KYAMOS) that will be readily available to the academics/researchers.
Manufacturing lightweight, portable, and high-resolution aerosol particle size spectrometer. Product facilitates much more detailed measurements on air quality and airborne particles potential effect on climate and health.
Utilizing Information and Communications Technology towards engineering innovative solutions, serving the Maritime Industry and the Global Shared Vision for: novel, safer, greener seas. Visit website
Price comparison platform which allows consumers to save money before making a purchase. Visit website.
Gnoús is an online platform consisting of video games that enable detection of dyslexia and other learning disabilities and also help professionals map and improve children’s mental abilities. Visit website
Creating an insect farm which is going to be able to provide the necessary protein used in animal feed. Currently the fishmeal used is very unsustainable, expensive and harms the environment as the methods used are very impactful.
The first PC and console game developing company in Cyprus, currently developing Crash Force, offering to the players, gaming solutions that can satisfy their entertainment needs and recreational activities. Visit website
A platform/ application which will facilitate and encourage recycling of households through the respective Municipalities. View Website
A tech company creating the tools, which make the booking and organizing of entertainment faster than ever.
A platform for architects, interior designers and specifier of construction materials that allows to find the most suitable and relevant material for your needs and start materializing your next masterpiece of a building in minutes.
Whether you are in the Hospitality industry or you are in the Food and Beverage industry, B2BARS LTD can help you with tailor made solutions fitting to your business.

Services include Innovative software and mobile apps, equipment and all latest innovative tools and services to help you reach your sales goals. Visit website

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