Aiming to design, develop, optimize, validate and support a commercial multiphysics software (KYAMOS) that will be readily available to the academics/researchers.
A platform connecting people organizing and attending activities together.
Platform for finding, booking & administering appointments in the beauty industry. Founder is a developer with large experience, has a prototype and a few non-paid customers.
Manufacturing lightweight, portable, and high-resolution aerosol particle size spectrometer. Product facilitates much more detailed measurements on air quality and airborne particles potential effect on climate and health.
Online platform for users to buy and sell authentic, traditional , unique products from production to consumption, without any middlemen and in relatively low prices. Visit website
A board game that will allow people to learn through entertainment. Strategy game that its main subject is Marxist-Gramscian theory/ class relations.
Price comparison platform which allows consumers to save money before making a purchase. Visit website.
Gnoús is an online platform consisting of video games that enable detection of dyslexia and other learning disabilities and also help professionals map and improve children’s mental abilities.
Utilizing Information and Communications Technology towards engineering innovative solutions, serving the Maritime Industry and the Global Shared Vision for: novel, safer, greener seas
A platform/ application which will facilitate and encourage recycling of households through the respective Municipalities.
Truly unique customized books for children in Greek and English. Our super user – friendly website allows you to create, preview and order the book! We want to guide our little friends to trust in themselves and abilities.
The first PC and console game developing company in Cyprus, currently developing Crash Force, offering to the players, gaming solutions that can satisfy their entertainment needs and recreational activities.
Whether you are in the Hospitality industry or you are in the Food and Beverage industry, B2BARS LTD can help you with tailor made solutions fitting to your business.

Services include Innovative software and mobile apps, equipment and all latest innovative tools and services to help you reach your sales goals.

A tech company creating the tools, which make the booking and organizing of entertainment faster than ever.
A platform for architects, interior designers and specifier of construction materials that allows to find the most suitable and relevant material for your needs and start materializing your next masterpiece of a building in minutes.
Decode consumer decision making process, in order to offer an exceptional consumer experience (CX)
Marketplace with top online tutors, affordable for all.
Guardian Angel is an innovative mobile health application. Through lifestyle intervention and preventive healthcare, increase quality of life.