Jill Douka

Areas of expertise

  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Building
  • female entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable relationships


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Jill Douka MBA, PCC is the #1 Best selling Awarded Author, International sought after speaker, European Union Awarded Mentor

#1 Best selling Awarded Author of Choose Love, Jill Douka is blessed to be the first Greek coach who has trained, coached and mentored thousands of individuals in Europe, USA and Asia. Honored to be one of the first European speakers to be invited to speak in a TEDx event in Asia and Cyprus. Via www.jilldouka.com she supports people to successfully cope with change by unlocking their strengths, energy and goals. Some of Mrs. Douka corporate clients are Kraft, Microsoft, Iberdrola, Peiraios Bank. Founder of www.BetterLifeDay.com, the global educational platform committed to spread solutions globally, Mrs. Douka is looking forward to living in a world where lifelong learning tools towards collective better living, become mainstream and accessible to all. Proud to be chosen and awarded as a mentor at the European Business Mentors network, she is one of the founding members of European Evolutionary Council, a member of Association of Transformational Leaders and an active philanthropist.

She lives in Athens with her husband and children and travels for work in 4 continents. You may view Jill Douka TEDx talks here: