Alexandros Diogenous

Areas of expertise

  • Business Development
  • General Management
  • Strategy
  • Finance

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After graduating with degrees in engineering and finance I started my working life in Investment Banking. This gave me the opportunity to get to know and understand various sectors of the economy and different entrepreneurs and to get a view of the world from the “other side” of the fence when it comes to funding businesses and their growth plans.

Later, upon returning to Cyprus while running an established trading and services business, I invested in various other ventures at a start-up or early stage and saw them through various stages of development. Of course I have more failures than successes but I believe that it is  these failures that have developed and improved my entrepreneurial knowledge and experience.  I am more than happy to share these experiences with IDEA participants in the hope that I can help them to live and learn from their experiences in their quest to set up and grow successful business ventures.