Name of Startup: MATERICS

Professionals in the construction industry who are responsible for selecting and specifying materials for their projects are facing a real problem. Information on materials is scattered, unstructured, and difficult to find and compare. This information exists in brochures they all have in a physical or digital library, or around the web in inconsistent formats resulting in them wasting their time.

Materics provides design professionals access to a specialized all-round digital platform facilitating material research and decision making.

It is an online research platform that assists on one side architects, interior designers, civil engineers and contractors to research construction materials in the local market, and on the other side material providers to connect with them, promote their products and generate leads.

The use of the system is designed to be streamlined and easy. The users type in what they are looking for, the system analyses their profile (profession, location, etc) and compiles a list of available products from resources in the database.

Materics arrives at a moment where intelligent decisions are essential, whether they are directed towards reducing cost or new greener considerations about the ever evolving construction technology.