idea accelerator 2017 call has come to an end

idea accelerator 2017 call has come to an end

Our two months long Call for new teams to our program has been finalized last week, on the 15/02/2017. With great contentment, we have received 61 applications, a number that lifts our ambitions for the eagerness of people in our island to excel in entrepreneurship.

32 out of the 61 applications have been selected upon meeting our application’s criteria, to go to the next phase which is the assessment of the applications by a selected committee with many years of experience combined in various business sectors for greater diverseness.

We want to congratulate all 61 teams that have applied to our Call for the high standard of clarity in their description of their ventures and visions and we sincerely ask the 29 applicants who have not made it to the next phase, to NOT be discouraged.

This is not a failure, this is a learning path.

In our short life of 1 year and a half as IDEA, we have already welcomed one team that was not initially accepted in its first application. So, you can do it as well in our next calls.

Continue improving and working on your ventures and things will come to you.