3 IDEA teams winners at Startup Weekend !

3 IDEA teams winners at Startup Weekend !

We are delighted with the results from yesterday’s Startup Weekend results as 3 of our 7 competing teams hosted at our premises, achieved 3 out of the 5 prices available! The Start-up Weekend is an annual mini-incubator (Friday to Sunday 5-6-7 May) that concludes to teams with Minimum Viable Products.

This year, 18 teams from all over Cyprus competed for the 5 prices. Idea participated in full, with 7 competing Idea teams, 1 Idea mentor team and 2 speeches regarding Idea and Fintech.

Our winners were:

1) My Book – with Maria Lavithi and Daniel Howard

2) Onleave.Online – with George Zingas and Constantinos Yenis – a team from Paphos

3) Phidias Panayiotou – a 17 year entrepreneur-to-be, kindly offered training under the umbrella of Idea.

Congratulations once again to ALL competing teams, supporters and organizers as this event has for once more shown that Cyprus truly has the people with the right mindset to keep cultivating entrepreneurship for many years to come!

Thank you all for your support!