Manufacturing lightweight, portable, and high-resolution aerosol particle size spectrometer. Product facilitates much more detailed measurements on air quality and airborne particles potential effect on climate and health.
Online platform for users to buy and sell authentic, traditional , unique products from production to consumption, without any middlemen and in relatively low prices.
A board game that will allow people to learn through entertainment. Strategy game that its main subject is Marxist-Gramscian theory/ class relations.
A platform/ application which will facilitate and encourage recycling of households through the respective Municipalities.
Aiming to design, develop, optimize, validate and support a commercial multiphysics software (KYAMOS) that will be readily available to the academics/researchers.
A platform connecting people organizing and attending activities together.
Platform for finding, booking & administering appointments in the beauty industry. Founder is a developer with large experience, has a prototype and a few non-paid customers.
Price comparison platform which allows consumers to save money before making a purchase. Visit website.
Electronic games for kids with hidden educational element, specialising in environmental issues & life skills.